Acidification: is it really dangerous for the body?


The human body is a system of mutual dependencies that are largely influenced by external factors. Their harmful effects are eliminated by a number of body's own defense mechanisms, which may fail in the event of multi-faceted neglect, such as chronic acidification of the body.

How to check your body's pH?

The human body does not have a single, general pH - different organs require different environments. The acid-base reaction is assessed using a scale ranging from 1 to 14, where values below 7 indicate an acidic reaction, values equal to 7 - neutral, and values greater than 7 - alkaline. The basic determinant of the body's pH is blood. Its pH ranges between 7.35 and 7.45 - the range is narrow, and deviations from the norm can cause a number of unpleasant consequences. Blood pH can only be checked through a laboratory test. However, a quick and effective measurement of pH, which indicates the condition of the body, is urine pH, performed in laboratory and home conditions. The correct pH result is between 6.0-7.0. A pH below this standard indicates acidification of the body and may indicate kidney failure, pulmonary emphysema, hypoglycemia, diabetes, intestinal problems, or dehydration. Acidic urine may also result from consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, as well as from a diet low in vegetables, containing a lot of meat and sugars. PH at home can be read using special strips by testing urine. It is worth paying attention to their quality, only those with a dense scale give a chance to read a reliable result.

What influences the acidification of the body?


Processed food, full of preservatives and xenobiotics, is not good for health. Formaldehyde, benzene hexane, glyphosate and many other chemical substances are used in the cultivation process and production of nutrients. Formaldehyde, commonly associated with formalin (a strong preservative), is used in sugar extraction to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. Additionally , it is produced in the human body, constituting a strong neurotoxin, during the breakdown of methanol derived from aspartame (a well-known sweetener), used in many "light", "zero" products, sweet drinks, chewing gums and even medicines (syrups, sachets and lozenges). Hexane and glyphosate are chemicals that may contain trace amounts in vegetable oils . The presence of hexane blocks the absorption of amino acids, and therefore hinders the digestion process. Glyphosate may contribute to cancer and many other diseases that attack the nervous system. Perhaps eating one chocolate bar or using vegetable oil once in a while won't hurt. However, with the multiplication of artificial ingredients and regular dosing of poisons, a high-carbohydrate diet becomes a ticking bomb, loaded with chemical enhancers that impair the proper functioning of the body.

"Free" heavy metals

Every day we expose ourselves to heavy metals; it is inevitable. Aluminum, which is common in antiperspirant deodorants, aluminum foil and dishes, cereal grains, yellow cheese, salt, spices and teas, accumulates in the body and leads to serious symptoms of poisoning. Its adverse effects include: inhibition of calcium absorption, impaired vitamin D metabolism, "taking" magnesium and potassium from the body, general weakness, dizziness, excessive sweating, anemia, nausea, constipation, diarrhea and neurodegenerative diseases. Acidic pH increases the absorption of Al because this element has better solubility in acidic pH , while the body automatically removes excess Al in urine. It is worth knowing that over 95% of aluminum is eliminated by the kidneys, which is why their efficiency is crucial to maintaining health.

Neglected microbiome

Taking care of the intestines is the basis of a holistic approach to health, and one of the most important factors influencing the condition of the intestines is diet and lifestyle. In addition to the food consumed and digested, which may remain in the intestines and rot, there is also stress, stimulants and medications. All this can result in leaky gut, in which heavy metals penetrate the bloodstream, becoming neurotoxins that attack the nervous system. On average, a healthy intestine is inhabited by approximately 600 different strains of bacteria. For example, a person suffering from autism has only about 200 of these strains. And it is the bacteria that are responsible for maintaining the body's homeostasis. Too small an amount and low diversity of the microbiome means that the body cannot cope with the negative impact of external stimuli. Therefore, to support the intestines and make them reliable, you need to ensure that they are properly populated with bacteria. In practice, this means eliminating factors that disturb the bacterial balance and providing the body with good strains using probiotics. Narine bacteria is effective in maintaining intestinal bacterial homeostasis. The non-pathogenic strain of E.coli helps eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and block their passage into the bloodstream. Lactobacterium mazuni Karine Str.2 helps create an environment unfavorable for the growth of fungi. Therefore, supplementation with Narum Fast, Narum Forte or Matsun is necessary to maintain health and balance of bacterial flora.

Everyday neglect and their consequences

What we eat is crucial because it affects a number of processes in the body. A diet composed mainly of carbohydrates, rich in sugar and grains gives a quick and high increase in energy. Depending on needs, its surplus is stored in the form of fat tissue. Moreover, excess carbohydrates cause fluctuations and drops in blood glucose and attacks of "wolf hunger", which in turn heavily burdens the pancreas through continuous production of insulin. Highly processed and sugar-rich products feed parasites and create an ideal environment for them to live, resulting in their spread in the body. Parasites produce toxic substances, rob the body of vitamins and microelements, sucking out what is needed to maintain balance. Ultimately, they settle in the organs, impairing their function. Another fact: as a result of incorrect eating habits, a larger amount of uric acid is produced, neutralized in the kidneys, and calcium is used to get rid of it. Deficiency of this mineral in the diet causes it to be taken from the bones, which results in fractures and, in the future, osteoporosis. It should also be added that long-term, unfavorable eating habits, medications and antibiotics may cause intestinal leakage, through which undigested, toxic protein and other substances, such as heavy metals, escape into the bloodstream. Aluminum, mercury or lead supplied to the body, e.g. with food, become "free" in an acidic environment, creating a neurotoxin that attacks the nervous system. As a result, negative symptoms appear, worsening well-being, which may turn into a serious disease.

How to deacidify the body?

The ideal body pH should be in the range of 6 – 7.0. With such enormous exposure to destructive factors and their variability, maintaining the normal acid-base reaction requires perseverance and consistency in changing one's lifestyle. The pH level can be monitored using urine pH strips . It is worth choosing strips with a "dense" scale so that the result is as precise as possible, with the smallest margin of error possible. Such strips are available at . Thanks to them, you can easily, at home, check the effectiveness of your actions towards health. Changes should start with your diet. Meals should consist of 80% alkaline-forming products (mainly vegetables and some fruits) and 20% acid-forming products (animal or grain products) - check the list in the link below the article . In addition, the quality of the ingredients and the method of preparing the meal are important; it is worth using ecological products and giving up metal dishes and induction cookers. A nutritional diet is complemented by calcium supplementation in an easily digestible form. Narum calcium enriched with biominerals has been fermented by bacteria, thanks to which its absorption efficiency is high. Additionally , regular cleansing ( Narum OffToxic and Detox ) , probiotic supplementation to maintain bacterial balance (Narum Fast and Narum Forte ), using the sauna and frequent exposure to fresh, unpolluted air will provide great support for the body. It is worth emphasizing that without eliminating the factors leading to acidification, no supplements or treatments will bring the intended effects.

Just as the human body constitutes a whole, all the factors mentioned above are elements of one puzzle that ultimately cause disease and dysfunction of the body. We have influence on many of these factors, so it is worth starting to change habits in small steps to properly prepare the internal environment and facilitate the body's self-healing process.

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